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Camden Cocktail Academy is the most innovative and exciting bar school in London. Set in the heart of the world-famous Camden Market, it provides the perfect gateway to explore the most vibrant city in the world, whilst teaching you the skills of a first-class bartender.

One of the things that sets us apart from other bar schools is the amount of experience you will get being in real working bars, meaning you will experience the ebb and flow of customers, market traders, suppliers and brand ambassadors as they come and go. This not only ensures that you meet loads of new people and deal with real customers in real situations, but also allows you to grow accustomed to the camaraderie and ever present social life of the bartender.

Camden Cocktail Academy offers a choice of courses:

4 week Bartending course – £1595

Broken down into the following modules:

  • Coffee – students will learn the difference in coffee varieties, how to operate a standard issue coffee machine, how to clean it and how to make and present all the standard varieties of coffee serves.
  • Beer – history of beer making and the different styles and types of beer. Cultural occurance and significance. Includes a brewery tour and tasting session.
  • Wine – students will learn about the different grape varieties, regions and styles of wine and will gain a base knowledge of wine making.
  • Spirits – students will learn about the common spirits used in the bar, history and distillation process, classic brands and most common usage. Includes a gin distillery tour and tasting session.
  • Cocktails/mixology – Students will learn standard procedures of setting up and closing down a bar. Standard Mise en Place, trade craft and how to make and present to most common cocktails in use in London and across the UK today.
  • Garnishes/service – Students will learn the concept of “drinking with your eyes” making attractive garnishes that draw in the customer and get attention, understanding garnishes as an indicator for types of drinks, interactive garnishes and the standard steps of service, round building and standard wine service.

4 week Bartending course including accommodation at The Generator – £1995

5 day Cocktail course – £295

3 day Beers, Wines and Coffees course – £195

Meet the Staff

Mario Sandgren – Course Director

Mario is a highly skilled instructor and has worked in some of the world’s best bars and restaurants including Soho House, Hakkasan and The Rum Kitchen. Mario has a reputation for his excellent palate and is a master of balancing drinks, holding a European record in blind tasting.

Dan Conchie – Managing Director

Camden Cocktail Academy is Dan’s brainchild. Dan has worked in cutting edge bars in both New York, most notably serving famous people in Café Habana, and London. Dan and his partner Emily run Lockside Lounge and Café Chula.

Emily Conchie – Student Liaison Officer

Emily will be your first point of contact at Camden Cocktail Academy, overseeing your enquiries, bookings, accommodation needs and general course admin. Emily has done it all from stints in the kitchen to silver service, from middle America to California to NYC to London. For the past few years she has been AGM and Creative Director for Cafe Chula and Lockside Lounge located in the famous Camden Market.

Rafa Marques – Course Instructor

Rafa began working in the hospitality industry whilst still at university and he’s work in some of London’s most exciting bars. Rafa creates stunning cocktails and will be by your side throughout the course to make sure you get the best out of each day and night.

Camden Town is a place where normal rules don’t apply!

As you leave the tube station you’ll feel like you’re stepping into a different world full of colour and sound. Music fills your ears, the scent of street food and incense wafting through the air, and the hustle and bustle of goths, punks and tourists. Camden Town is a see before you die place, no other place on earth can compare to it. And at the centre of it all, is the world famous Camden Market, home to London’s most unique bar school, the Camden Cocktail Academy.


As one of our students, you’ll spend your time in the heart of London’s most vivid, vibrant and eclectic scene, learning skills that will take you around the world. The birthplace of Britpop, Camden sits at the centre of London’s music scene and has been an inspiration and home to legendary artists over the years including Amy Winehouse, Pink Floyd, Blur, Pulp, Radiohead and The Stone Roses. Home to artists, musicians, politicians, movie stars and models, Camden’s unique character and charm never fades.

Our course instructors are here to make you feel at home, show you the best London has to offer and teach you the skills that will turn you into a first-class bartender.

They are on hand 24 hours a day to make sure all your needs are met and that you get everything you want out of this once in a lifetime experience. Our team come from all four corners of the globe representing the multicultural London that we love. The unique vibe radiating from this diverse mix of personalities creates a buzz and atmosphere that makes a night or day at the Camden Cocktail Academy completely unique.

We’re not just here just to teach you how to make drinks, we’re here to shape London’s most cutting edge bartenders. Once you’ve completed your course, all students automatically become life members of the Camden Cocktail Academy, a ‘Certified Gun’, with special privileges like discounts and special offers at tonnes of bars, restaurants, retailers and venues.


Where to stay – we’ve got you covered!

We’ve arranged a special rate for CCA students with our friends Generator London, a cutting edge hostel a short walk from Camden Market in Russell Square. Built in an old converted Police Station, it is the perfect mix of cool decor and friendly, helpful staff. Generator Hostels is the fastest growing hostel brand in Europe and with good reason. Generator London boasts a 24/7 reception and security team, free Wi-Fi, cinema nights on Tuesdays and Saturdays, pool and foosball tables, a cafe, bar and resident DJ, with open mic nights and live acoustic sessions to keep you entertained.

Generator London is situated a short stroll to London’s King’s Corss St pancras station with it’s rail, tube and Eurostar links and walking distance to many of London’s top attractions, including Covent Garden, Regent’s Park and the British Library.

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